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Risk and the unexpected will have an impact on the project, despite the planning of tasks and the mobilization of teams. How can we reduce these factors that will reduce productivity and efficiency?

En constatant que dans le domaine informatique plus de la moitié des projets ne vont pas à leur terme, les causes sont fréquemment les mêmes : incompréhension sur les attentes initiales et écart entre le planning et la réalité du terrain. Dans ce contexte, comment piloter les délais, la qualité, les coûts et les risques pour mener vos projets au succès ?

Just like the tools from Lean manufacturing, project management must allow real-time visualization of production, reveal problems and be able to solve them as they arise with reactivity. Only the problems that you see are solved well.

Managing your project with an OBEYA

To have this general vision of the project, a room is dedicated to it, it is the OBEYA (big room in Japanese). All the information related to the project is displayed on panels (virtual or real) and managed collectively by all the members of the project during short and periodic meetings.

La salle est le lieu de collaboration et d’action car l’ensemble des informations sont directement accessibles : project communication becomes visual.




The approach focuses on 7 key areas and formatting is simple and visual to meet the challenges of productivity, efficiency and performance.

By constantly highlighting the customer's voice and the target to be reached in terms of product, the teams remain focused on the client's satisfaction. La transparence des informations permet de mettre en avant les avancées, les problèmes et les risques à la vue de tous !

Les équipes se retrouvent dans cette salle pour synchroniser leurs activités et traiter un à un les problèmes qui les empêchent d’avancer sur leur projet en respectant l’approche Plan Do Check Act.


A new, highly operational management system

Because each of your projects is unique, your OBEYA must be custom-built according to the indicators you wish to show. Signs allow you to present the background, the stakes and objectives of the project and the dynamic signs show the action to proceed with.

Your vision of the project with the OBEYA method will never be static since it will evolve according to the feedback from your customers and the progress of the project.

One of the keys to success is that if you're going to have a meeting every morning for 10 minutes, you have to know how to stick to it.

Read more : http://www.operaepartners.fr/310/reussir-ses-projets-informatiques-grace-a-obeya

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