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Transform, Develop
turn ideas into action

You create or want to develop your idea, your project, your company ?

Your company diversifies its activities or develops them or searches for operational support ?
You are looking for efficient and original methodologies to manage or innovate ?

Valuans supports your company and the people inside
to build, organize and turn your ideas into action.

Your goals, your priorities


Organisation, tools, management, process, we build what your company need to develop itself.


Values, expertise, requirement, commitment
The complementary nature of innovation in the search for the first customers and the management of the teams that take action



" Your industry reveals its performance " Frédéric designs innovation projects and methods for industry and assists teams in managing innovation and development of their activities.


" Cooperation facilitator" Hélène coaches leaders, designs support systems for managerial or functional teams to promote better working together and collective intelligence.


" Your Human Ressources build your strategy" Véronique accompanies managers and employees in their organisation, recruitment, personal development and positioning with unifying and innovative techniques.


" Digital technologies to animate, sell and build. " Patrick, his associates and his teams have been designing digital applications and solutions in agile mode for more than twenty years.


" Communication and Collective Intelligence " Aurélie trains, animates and builds the strategies of communication and digital contents. She animates and facilitates events where collective innovation takes shape to bring out ideas or business projects.
Every members and partners of Valuans has its own specific expertise and sectoral skills that enable us to provide you with the right response to your objectives.

Discover Valuans Methodology : Découvrez la méthode Valuans : know-how enriched by managerial innovations.