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Highly Operational Marketing and Innovation

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Workshop at the Regional Innovation Conference - ARITT - September 2016

Most of the time universes never collide

Our sales rep have promised things to the customer that we can't guarantee... This situation me mine !  », nous dit L’ingénieur « très » produit.

«  I sell the product, the technicians don't deliver according to engagements taken for the customer.  clearly we're loosing it ! » , regrette Le commercial « très » impliqué.

« The customer a demandé, il y a juste deux systèmes à connecter, il faut le faire… This situation est simple, non ?  », résume Le marketeur « très » client.

But examples de collaborations réussies ont réuni :

A teamwork en équipe sur la définition du besoin et comment le réaliser

The integration of customer, technicians and sales team in the beginning of the process le plus en amont possible

A functional requirements and a customer focus allowing the company to build a realistic solution

Our "Augmented reality" design method

We synchronize product and marketing thinking

The new product is projected in universes, scenarios, demonstrations by proof to accelerate testing and a successful market launch.

We build a sequence of organized actions

 It is an engine for qualification and learning meaning future innovation.



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